The following terms and conditions are undertaken by the student, their parents and GK Stage Academy. Completion of our online registration form includes a tick box to confirm you have read and agree to all terms and conditions below. 

1. Children under 3 years are not eligible to join.

2. Children must be dropped at their allocated time and collected promptly to allow for back to back class schedules.

3. Term fees must be paid in full on the first week of each new term. Failure to do so will result in a loss of your place.

4. Terms will not be refunded to students who miss all or part of a term.

5. Bullying of any nature will not be tolerated. Any student found to be in breech will be asked to leave, without refund of term fee.

6. Classes are graded by age and class in school, but some students may move to the next age group at the discretion of the directors.

7. The student / parent gives permission for photos and videos to be used online and in print for promotional use only.

8. GK Stage Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen property on the premises.

9. Suitable clothing, to include a minimum of one piece of uniform, must be worn by the student at all times in class, on class trips and at auditions. Jewellery and other hazards are not allowed in class. (Uniforms are not compulsory for students in camps, or new students in their first term)

10. When participating in online classes, students take full responsibility for their safety. GK Stage Academy are not responsible for injury that occurs during online classes where the student does not have adequate or safe space and is not dressed appropriately.

11. Students aged three will only be permitted to join provided they are fully confident using the toilet unaided.

All our policies and procedures, including those related to Covid 19, can be emailed to a parent, should they wish to view them.